Artist Line Up

Reggae Royalty


Tarrus Riley

Tarrus Riley is among the leading ambassadors of modern day Reggae Music from Jamaica. The singer’s commanding vocals, intuitive lyrics and vibrant personality have combined to create a formidable artiste with authentic credentials in Reggae music. His rising catalogue has been described as ‘healing’ music, and has brought adoration and acclaim from leading music luminaries from across the globe. Being the son of veteran reggae singer Jimmy Riley his venture into music was predictable. However Tarrus Riley set himself apart from the legacy of his father and has created his own brand, style and signature, which have fuelled his career to its current height. The moniker ‘Singy Singy’ aptly describes his youthful obsession with performing music, and even thoug

Performing Artists

KIng Yellow Man
The OG Dancehall Toaster
Quinto Sol
Fifth Sun
Ras Indio
Blazin Fayah
Blaze Mob
The Trinity